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Analytical Laboratories


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1. DrugsData. Independent anonymous laboratory analysis and drug checking program of Erowid Center. Aims to collect, review, manage, and publish laboratory testing results from their own lab and republished from other analysis projects worldwide

Send in a sample for testing

Ecstasy/Molly tablets are now $100 (no longer $40 co-pay). All other ecstasy, blotter, or research chemical samples must be sent with $100 USD. For pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, powders, and herbal supplements of any kind (including pharmaceuticals and supplements considered to be counterfeit), the fee is $150 per sample. Material is destroyed after testing and will not be returned. No liquids or sticky/damp samples accepted.

  • Read all the instructions. Don't skip to the submission form.

  • Send a full tablet, a whole blotter dose, or a very small amount of powder, 20-50 mg:
    NO MORE THAN 100 mg OF POWDER (approx. half a small capsule)!

  • You will need:

    Tear-proof exterior envelope (Mylar, carton, or padded);
    Small crush-proof container that fits in the envelope (small baggie with sturdy seal, vial, or a small pill bottle wrapped in bubble wrap);
    Piece of paper for the submission form;
    Money for the lab fee copay.

  • If you do not use the DrugsData Analytical Sample Submission Form: Write "DrugsData.org" at the top of the piece of paper. This is how the lab knows that the pill or sample is for our program.

  • (if you're not using our printable form) On the same piece of paper, write all the information described in this list:

    Date Acquired:
    When the sample/pill/chemical was obtained. (mm/dd/yy)
    Name: Name that the pill/sample is known by or sold as in your area ("Diamonds", "Purple Lady", "Molly", etc.)
    Code: Unique 5-digit code you make up ("AA73Z", "Sac15", "AABB19", etc.)
    Your Location: Country, state, and city where you are.
    Source Location: Source country, state, city if known were obtained (or "online")
    Sold As: What the sample was sold as or represented to be. (MDMA, Xanax, Molly, 25I, etc.)
    Expected To Be: What you think the sample might contain (contaminants suspected, inactive, etc.)
    Payment Included: Amount of money included with the sample. ($100, $150)
    Make note of your unique 5-digit code; save it. The code is not necessary, but some people are worried about their result being confused with others.
  • Only if you submit more than one sample in a week: Use the last digit of your submission code to differentiate the samples, by writing the last digit on the baggie or vial that you put the sample in to make sure the lab can know for certain which sample is which.

  • Determine the amount of payment:

    Research Chemical Tablet (e.g. 2C-B) (WHOLE UNCRUSHED TABLET REQUIRED): $100
    Powder (MDMA, cocaine, research chemical, etc.): $100
    Blotter (WHOLE TAB REQUIRED): $100
    Small Hard Candy (NOT cannabis-related): $100
    Pharmaceutical Tablet or Capsule (WHOLE UNCRUSHED TABLET REQUIRED): $150
    Vitamin or Herbal Supplement Tablet or Capsule: BY PRE-APPROVAL ONLY
    Candy / Edibles: BY PRE-APPROVAL ONLY
    Sticky / Resinous Substance: BY PRE-APPROVAL ONLY
    Cannabis Material: BY PRE-APPROVAL ONLY
    Mushroom Material: BY PRE-APPROVAL ONLY
    Liquid: NOT ACCEPTED
We do not test cannabis, mushrooms, herbs, or vitamin products without pre-approval.


Partial Ecstasy/Molly/MDMA tablets are ineligible for reduced copays.

  • Money orders can be used for anonymous payment and should be made out to "DDL".

  • Checks are NOT accepted by the lab.

  • Pre-payments can be made through Erowid, please see the FAQ for more info.

  • Wrap the payment (US currency or money order ONLY) in the submission form and put it in the sturdy external envelope.

  • Make the sample crush-proof. If submitting tablets or capsules, insert a little cotton, tissue, or bubble wrap into the container to prevent the sample from shaking around and breaking during mailing. Capsules and crumbly tablets often fall apart in transit and are harder to measure and identify; protect them inside a baggie.
  • For powders: The simplest option is to place the powder in a capsule or small plastic bag. Please include at least 20 mg of material to make it easier for the lab technicians to handle. Do not send more than 100 mg of material, please. Samples exceeding this limit may not be processed.

  • International Submissions: See the FAQ. If required to fill out a customs form, indicate "analytical sample" or "medical sample" as the contents. Most people choose to use a pseudonym (fake name) and most countries post offices do NOT require ID when sending an international package. For customs value, choose either the amount of cash in the envelope or the equivalent of $40 USD.

  • Make sure the tablet, paper (or DrugsData Sample Submission Form), and payment are enclosed in the envelope and send it to the following address:

    9700 Business Park Dr., Suite # 407
    Sacramento, CA 95827

  • Please do not send more than 1 tablet/capsule (whole tablets only, no partial tablets) or 100 milligrams (one small capsule's worth) of loose material to the lab per "sample". Multiple paid samples can be included in a single envelope, but it is critical that you keep them isolated using plastic bags, so they do not cross-contaminate each other.


Results are published on DrugsData, typically 4-17 days after the lab receives the sample. Results are not emailed to senders.
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2. Energy Control. Provides accurate and objective information about drugs in order to reduce the risks associated with their use. Has Drug Testing Service. One can submit a sample for testing. Located in Spain.

Our drug testing service is a Harm Reduction strategy specifically designed for final users. The results we offer are only valid if the sample used is exactly the same as the sample tested previously. None of our results can be used as a quality guarantee from any drug vendor or product. Energy Control declines all responsibility in this sense.

Before using our services, please read these guidelines.

We offer the following options:

Qualitative (GC/MS or HPLC/MS): 60€. This kind of analysis provides a result with the composition of the sample. All active substances are identified, but the concentration (percentage of each substance present) is not known. This kind of analysis spares us the use of reference standards (only spectral libraries are necessary) so the price can be significantly lower.
MDMA and 2C-B pills (GC/MS and quantification through UV) 80€. The same analysis as the previous option, with quantification through UV. The concentration of MDMA and 2C-B can vary significantly and is necessary for deciding a proper dose, we quantify the amount of the active ingredient through UV spectroscopy and Beer’s law (reference standards are only necessary periodically, to verify proper instrument operation).
Qualitative + report: 90€. The same kind of analysis as the first type, but with an included report, which is received the same day as the results and is verifiable by any third party that you choose to share it with.
Quantitative + report (GC/MS or HPLC/MS):120€ Provides a result with the composition of the sample. All active substances are identified, as well as, for the most part, their concentration. Includes a report, received the same day as the results, and is verifiable by any third party that you choose to share it with.
Pesticide Analysis and Heavy Metals: Only for Cannabis Samples.


In order to send the sample, you need to put the substance (IMPORTANT!) from 15 mg into a Zip-Lock (a zip-lock bag) and then into another Zip-Lock, glue a paper with the order number and sample number (which you get in the account created, when ordering analysis in the analytical service), then put everything in an envelope and send it to the address, given in the instructions below.

[email protected]

Telefono: 663283115
[email protected]

Shipment: sent by registered mail (EMS, DHL, PonyExpress)
Energy Control
C/ Independencia 384. Local
08041- Barcelona Spain

Communication method:
Email encrypted with their PGP listed on the website.
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3. Wedinos. Drug testing service. One can submit a sample for testing. Located in UK.

'Legal highs, club drugs, designer drugs, new psychoactives...'
Drug markets are changing.
It can be hard to get accurate information and stay safe.
WEDINOS tests substances to give individual users and others rapid and accurate information to reduce harms.

Option 1

Download and print a Sample & Effects Record

First, download a blank Sample & Effects Form (PDF document), using the link below, and then follow the instructions to submit your sample.

Download Sample & Effects Form


To submit your sample follow these steps:

(Please note 'Sample' = Substance (pills, tablets, powders, liquids etc...)

Step 1: Secure the sample.

  • If the sample is a powder, make sure that it is secured before being placed into a WEDINOS bag / leakproof container. The sample can be secured by wrapping it in paper, cling film or foil, for example.
  • Place the sample inside a WEDINOS bag or a leak-proof container, such as a sealable polythene bag or a sift proof container, and seal.
  • N.B. Only one sample type per sample bag.
  • Do not submit any paraphernalia e.g. barrels / pipes / syringes. Samples contained within these items will not be analysed.
  • By submitting this sample to WEDINOS, you are confirming full surrender of illicit substances in your possession.

Step 2: Download / print and complete the Sample & Effects form.

  • Please complete all questions, write N/A if anything is 'not applicable'.
  • The effect's section is used to record effects experienced, following use of the sample only. If the sample has not yet been used, do not complete this section.

Step 3: Generate a Reference Code.

  • Generate a Reference Code by clicking on the button below:

  • Clearly write the Reference Code on the sample bag/container
  • Clearly write this Reference Code at the top of the Sample & Effects form
  • Make a note of this code - you will need it to find out your result.

Step 4: Seal the Sample & Effects form and sample.

  • Place the Sample & Effects form along with the sealed sample into a separate envelope.

Step 5: Submit your sample.

  • Post your sample to:

    WEDINOS Project
    Cardiff Toxicology Laboratories
    4th Floor, Academic Centre
    University Hospital Llandough
    Penlan Road
    CF64 2XX

Step 6: Get your results.

  • Results will be posted within a few days.
  • Enter your barcode number in the 'Sample Result' section to find your results.
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