cas no: 5337-93-9

  1. Nitrochemis


    4-methylpropiophenone [99%] The highest quality product made only from raw materials from the EU. Product is in an aluminum bottle with a screw cap with a tamper evident ring. CAS No: 5337-93-9 4-methylpropiophenone is an aromatic ketone that is propiophenone bearing a methyl...
  2. Wuhan Alpha & Omega Pharm

    Wuhan Alpha & Omega Pharmaceuticals LTD.

    Product Name: 4′-Methylpropiophenone CAS NO: 5337-93-9 Formula: C10H12O EINECS: 226-267-5 Purity : 99% Appearance: Liquid MOQ: 25KG Price: US $950.00 Payment methods: Bitcoin / western union / moneygram Delivery: EU, USA, Russia, Canada and Mexico Wuhan Alpha & Omega Pharmaceuticals LTD...