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Jun 24, 2021
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Amphetamine and benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines, due to their combination of effects and side effects, are considered to be one of the most controversial drugs used in psychopharmacology.

On the one hand, they give many people the long-awaited peace, serenity and literally raise the standard of living from the bottom in some cases. On the other hand, they quickly form a strong addiction with a disgusting powerful withdrawal syndrome and are a canonical example of an institutional drug.

With regard to the sphere of recreational substances, the situation remains the same. On the one hand, benzodiazepines are indispensable for those who use stimulants and euphoretics. On the other hand, the combination of these groups of substances can still provoke unpleasant and life-threatening situations.

But first about the good.
From a health perspective, amphetamines should only be combined with benzodiazepines if preclinical overdoses or severe post-effects are alleviated.

If you need to relieve increased stimulation and anxiety after an amphetamine session, reduce excessive workload on your heart, or fall asleep faster, benzodiazepines can help.

We recommend using the combination in this order:
Amphetamine use - amphetamine is running out of time or has expired - benzodiazepine use when needed.

As with any combination, the dosage of its components should ideally be less than for the substance when taken alone.

Examples of benzodiazepine dosages that are acceptable for sedation at the end of or after excessive amphetamine session:
Alprazolam 1-1.5 mg
Diazepam 10-15 mg
Lorazepam - 2-3 mg

If you have access to some other benzodiazepine, you can use the dosage examples as a guide and calculate the required amount of your substance using a third-party dosage calculator (clearnet link).

Taking tranquilizers in advance or in parallel with amphetamine does not make much sense - this will reduce the effectiveness of the stimulant and create risks of adverse reactions.

Speaking of side effects. The main problem in combining amphetamine and benzodiazepines is a special case of a combination of a stimulant and depressant of central nervous system. This is one combination that has real health risks.

The main villain here is excessive depressant intoxication i.e. tranquilizer. If taken at the same time and the dosages are not observed, the stimulant will mask the effect of sedation. A person will lose the subjective guidelines of his condition and will not be able to recognize intoxication in time, which will worsen when the action of the stimulant approaches
end (as a rule, stimulants act for a shorter time than depressants).

After that, a person may experience loss of control, unproductive disinhibition, loss of consciousness. In sum, they can lead to injuries or health-threatening complications.

An additional aggravating factor is a kind of swing for the heart and blood vessels due to the multidirectional action of amphetamine and tranquilizers. This creates additional stress and problems for your motor.

Also, this combination is characterized by dehydration. To a greater extent due to the lack of control over fluid intake. Hydrate!

Let's not forget the addictive power of benzodiazepines. We do not recommend taking them every time to sleep well after amphetamine. Only use benzodiazepines when you really need to. Making them a permanent guest at a party is a bad idea.

Total. Combining amphetamine and benzo can be safe and even helpful if you remember the need, sequence and dosage of consumption.
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Aug 5, 2022
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For me it's the perfect combination to get some sleep after a weekend of partying and needed to be "normal" again on the monday morning.

My combination for years has been, Diazepam, Lorazepam & Oxazepam

Yeah Science

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Aug 12, 2022
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As well as reducing and managing the psychotic episode during the withdrwal.


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Jul 11, 2022
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its a dangerous combination even if take low doses benzos, not for health but addiction. benzo addiction is the worst and long term withdraw. In my case when losing my house i started those diazepams again 10- 20 a day sleeping in car 30mg not for sleeping but to stay calm and a little bit less negative about some thing in life. Now i hooked again if i do not take it my body needs it. so when quitting amphetamines you must take those pills to get body rest and be able to sleep. in my bad time after ghb rehab i took 100-130mg diazepam it took me 4 months to get off that constant fear and antisocial behaviour.
Ghb is fucket up but after 2 weeks you good to go after 2 years 5ml or 2 gbl every 2.5 hours.
both in combination with amphetamines.
never regret the ghb/amphetamine binge, but i could cause more trouble when i do this again and that is what i learned i gues

Just realize those pills are in my eyes realy dangerous without even the fun of abusing drugs.
but when you dont sleep enough and have no place to relax and get privacy i am happy to have them around it does not make me ''bad'' llike alchol or crazy and spent my last dime on a girl with ghb or something.

So i dont recommend to use it alcohol does the job if you normally dont drink.


Don't buy from me
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Aug 14, 2023
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I used to love using Flunitrazepam before i used Amphetamines. It was a really good, smooth ride. Benzos never really slowed me down or put me to sleep on the comedown, unless i took a high dose. I preferred Beer as my brakes and Weed to sleep. I dont drink so 2 or 3 Beers will slow me down with no horrible Alcohol effects. Speaking from my experience Benzos are very sly. You dont realize how fast they become an addiction untill your already addicted to them. They are very hard to get off. I spent years getting off them and would not recommend them. Around here Doctors will not write scripts for you if you have never been prescribed Benzos before.
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