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dangerous combination


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Jun 24, 2021
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Amphetamine and Heroin
The combination of amphetamine and heroin is a special case of a combination of a stimulant and a depressant of the central nervous system. This is one of the combinations that has real risks to health and life, and at the same time promises the risker an unforgettable experience.

This type of combinations has its own mythology, its own heroes and its own name - speedball. Classic speedball is a combination of cocaine and morphine, but this term can also be used for a combination of amphetamine and heroin.

Combination of stimulant and depressant often give stronger effects than either drug when taken alone due to drug synergy, and are considered a particularly hazardous mixture that can easily cause heart attack, respiratory arrest and death.

The synergy of substances is a double-edged blade. On the one hand, it causes a strong rush of pleasure and euphoria, sums up the effects of two substances, but without a feeling of anxiety, numbness and other subjective disadvantages. And on the other hand, it poses a great danger due to cross-interaction, when the stimulating effect of amphetamine causes the body to use more oxygen, allowing it to take higher doses of opioid, while the depressing effect of heroin slows down the respiratory rate.

The greatest danger lies, as always, in individual tolerance, subjective feelings and non-compliance with dosages. This substances in combination can temporarily hide the effect of each other. A person feels not just good, but very very good, and this spurs him to raise the stakes in a new round.

Such a scenario can cause serious complications from the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Suppressing the typical negative side effects of the two drugs, the user may mistakenly believe that he or she has a higher tolerance or that he is less intoxicated than it really is. This can lead to an incorrect assessment of the dose of one or both drugs, which will lead to a fatal overdose.

When it comes to classic speedball, the risks are very high due to a very short period of action of cocaine, then the combination with amphetamine somewhat reduces the danger - its effects last longer. Nevertheless, the risks to health, breathing and life do not tend to zero and still loom on the horizon.

But even if a person tolerates this combination well, knows how and can control the dosage of substances, always remembers that sensations can deceive, the dangers do not end there. Over time, the combination of amphetamine and heroin (speedball in the broad sense) can create a powerful cross-dependence with severe withdrawal, relapses and eventually overdose. This is a road that leads in one direction.

For those who still intend to try this combination, I can advise a good rule that is suitable for all combinations, especially at the risk of life.

Use half of the normal dose of each substance.

Also, do not take both substances at once. Here we turn to the question of priority, which is quite individual. The collected information shows that the following scheme can give a good experience: heroin - 1-2 hours - amphetamine.

The best route of administration also remains an open question, since intravenous injections carry great risks, but also the strongest experiences, and snorting can give a little more safety, but increase the consumption of substances and downgrade the experience.