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Important Administration Announcements

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Jun 24, 2021
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BB Quality brand

Quality brand BB is a quality mark that ensures that the dealer selling such goods is a manufacturer. The production of the goods was carried out in accordance with the standards put forward by the administration of our project and under the online control of our project experts. The purpose of our activity is to reduce the amount of low-quality goods on the market, reduce the harm to the health of drug users. The quality mark ensures that the dealer is the manufacturer of a particular substance with high product quality.

Manufacturers who have received the right to use our quality mark will be placed on the listing of ads of our forum for free and marked with the appropriate label.

To obtain a quality mark, existing laboratories must:

- Contact any of the experts via personal messaging system

- Report what substances the manufacturer produces

- Provide synthesis procedure

- Provide data on precursors used and their quality control

- Provide samples of finished product (if necessary send samples for tests)

- During the conversation with the expert, confirm the knowledge, abilities and skills necessary for the synthesis of a specific product

If you do not have a laboratory, but want to become a manufacturer of a quality product, then we are also ready to help you at all stages of this difficult path. You need to contact any of the experts and provide the following information through the personal messaging system:

- Laboratory location region.

- Selected substance for synthesis.

- Report knowledge, abilities and synthesis skills.

- Describe the place for a work, if any.

- Specify the budget for the organization of production.

- Specify the desired monthly product production volume.

- Indicate the presence or absence of a chemical supplier.

Our experts will accompany you at all stages from the selection of the premises to the quality control of the final product, will assist in sales. Our experts will monitor the quality of the final product and publish the results of the analyses.

Breaking Bad also invites DarkNetMarkets to participate in the BB Quality brand program. To accomplish this, DNM must become our partner.

Requirements for DNM Partners:

- Publicly declare that they support our activities

- Set up accounts of your representative offices on the forum

- Provide sellers with information about our program and promote only quality products

In order to achieve commercial success for DNM partners participating in the program, users wishing to purchase a product with a quality mark will be redirected to their sites. Dealers who do not have their own store will be advised to open their representative offices only on partner sites.
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