• The BB team is looking for employees, who are ready to work with mephedrone, amphetamine, methamphetamine and other substances.
    High wage! Stable job.


    • Make a minimum deposit of 100 EUR
    • Receive a batch of goods (from 50 g and more, depending on the deposit)
    • Pack the goods in bags (1-2g) and hide them in safe places in your city.

    We going to do the rest work! As soon as the goods are sold, you'll get money for each successfully sold package!

    Relevant for all EU countries

    Contact : @Madre

Meth Complaint


Don't buy from me
New Member
Nov 20, 2023
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The majority of what is out there shouldn't even be called meth anymore. It's garbage and contrary to what most people say it isnt cheaper. Yes, the price for an ounce in the market that im familiar with is about 200 and fifteen years ago a ball was 250. But fifteen years ago a person could take less than ten hit off a bowl then start fucking with something and then all of a sudden 24 hours has gone by in what felt like maybe an hour and that entire time taking another hit wasn't even necessary. I and I'm sure many others would gladly pay more for quality. Why is nobody exploiting that? I just don't get it. And just as publix service announcement.....the shit is not supposed to look like gigantic shards and they shouldnt break/crumble easily not should it have vertical lines. That is cut bullshit. Shards should be a milky white diagnol lines and not the size of a toddlers arm. If it's crushed under a card it should splinter and have the potential to fly across the room. So cartel people please bring back good shit. Plenty of people would be happy to pay for it


Don't buy from me
New Member
Nov 10, 2023
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I agree with you
Same problem in South Africa,I only buy from 1 or 2 dealers that I know dont sell shit.90 Percent of the the time the crystal is shit.
I call it blanks
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