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Review: Televend


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Jun 24, 2021
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Review: Televend.
Televend is a direct deal platform that uses Telegram bots to interact with shoppers through the in-app storefront and .onion vendor dashboard, so merchants can manage orders and customers in a fully automated manner. This platform relies entirely on Telegram encryption and the anonymous nature of this application.

You get there by following the link: http://televenkzhxxxe6sw4fntkm4csj6s4csqkuczqhrz6aw7ae3me2tjlyd.onion

Categories of goods.​

There are no categories on Televend, but vendors are selling almost all kinds of psychoactive substances.

Ways of selling goods.​

It depends on vendor, but mostly postal dispatches.

Currently, there are 329 sellers on Televend.

Where does the marketplace work.​

Televend works worldwide.


You can buy goods on Televend using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Monero. Users place orders inside trading bots using the Telegram app. They can search for their favorite sellers and buy products from mini-menus and checkout, choosing quantities, payment options, and payment types. All payments are made directly, and bots maintain a rating feedback system, a chat with a seller, and much more. When a payment is detected or an order is confirmed by the seller, the buyer receives a notification via the Telegram application.

Conditions for vendors.​

You can now create a Televend shop automatically. You need to fill out a form on a Televend site and then proceed to a verification. You may also add a link to your Recon profile to speed up the verification process. This is a good option for already established vendors. The absence of escrow systems significantly increases the probability of sellers scamming users. On the other hand, the feedback mechanism partially compensates for this disadvantage.

Features and security.​

Televend systems provide automatic notifications and messages for users and merchants. The seller also receives notifications about placing and paying for the order. Another advantage of the platform is the automatic updating of the inventory. Subscribers receive up-to-date notifications about the status of their inventory. Televend functions go far beyond traditional trading. The platform also includes an advanced customer feedback mechanism. This is critical for categorizing supplier performance.

Televend automatically processes transactions and after placing the order, Televend generated an invoice for the customer. Payments are sent directly to merchants' wallets. This is the main difference between Televend and traditional trading platforms on the darknet. As soon as the payment is made, the seller will receive a notification. The bot verifies the payment of customers, which also greatly simplifies the sales process.

On Televend, users can search for products of interest quickly and efficiently. The user can search by request and select a category or use an advanced filter. Filters make searching a lot easier. They allow you to specify the most accurate product name, specifying a category if possible, choosing a country of dispatch and delivery will help filter sellers in your region, and choosing a payment method will help filter out sellers who accept certain coins.


Televend is a brand-new way to buy something on the darknet. Though it can't be much safer than traditional darknet markets in many cases since there is a lack of escrow, but the platform features a very advanced rating system which should help people overcome the fear of scammers. In addition to this, a huge plus of this site is that the process of buying, selling and interaction of market participants is almost completely automated.
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