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Review: Tor2Door Market


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Jun 24, 2021
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Review: Tor2Door Market.
Tor2Door is a new marketplace on the dark web. The market is built from scratch and features a unique design and user-friendly interface. The Tor2door administration claims that security and usability are their top priorities. This market is ideal for inexperienced dark web users due to its convenience and ease of use.

If the market site is up, you can get there by following the link: http://b5l6ba2mkx6s7amsl62cgb4qbee7hle2hzmhnaetugexbxyrfentxrad.onion

Categories of goods.​

Fraud, drugs and chemicals, digital products, counterfeit items, jewels and gold, services, software and hosting are available on Tor2Door Market.

Ways of selling goods.​

Post Delivery.

There is no information about how many vendors working on Tor2Door Market, but currently there are 7446 listings available on marketplace.

Where does the marketplace work.​

Tor2Door Market works worldwide.


The site accepts Bitcoins and Monero as means of payment, and they can be deposited into the built-in wallet. Multi-signature escrow and traditional escrow payments are supported.

Conditions for vendors.​

As for vendors, you have to pay $150 vendor bound to start working on the Tor2Door Market. The market maintains early finalization with already established vendors.

All site users have an internal rating and level of trust, which can be quite useful in a variety of situations. The user's rating changes depending on the order placed, and the level of trust depends on the feedback you receive. Tor2door also supports JABBER and XMPP notifications.

Features and security.​

The marketplace website is quite modern and minimalist. The design looks impressive and compares favorably with most darknet markets. It's no secret that a common misfortune for many marketplaces on the darknet is outdated design and overcomplicated user interface. This is not the case for Tor2door. It is a modern marketplace that is easy to use.

The home page looks similar to the pages of other stores. On the left you can see a menu with all the categories on the market. Also, on the page you can find out the latest price of Monero and Bitcoin, displayed in several currencies. In addition, there is a traditional account panel with customizable options and an order panel. The order panel has all the options related to your orders. Latest and past orders can be found on the panel. There is also a dispute section and a statistics page with all information about the account, from money spent to orders placed.

Tor2Door is a very secure marketplace. The team thoroughly checked the site for vulnerabilities and also worked with penetration testing experts. The market turned out to be very safe, and all minor flaws were fixed in less than an hour. The administration claims that tasting will continue in the future to ensure that there are no security flaws. PGP is also supported and used for encrypting messages and for logging in with two-factor authentication.


Finding a great market on the darknet is not easy these days. The darknet is oversaturated with small markets ready to do an exit scam anytime. Tor2Door looks like it's here to stay. It is secure enough to allow users to make purchases anonymously, and the escrow system negates the potential for deception by sellers. However, at present the market is still at its initial stage and there are not many sellers, and therefore, you may simply not find the product you are interested in. Nevertheless, judging by the positive user reviews, the popularity of the market will grow rapidly.
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