The quality of street amphetamine.

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Jul 25, 2021
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Amphetamine on the illicit retail market tends to be of poor quality, which has declined markedly in the first decade of the 21st century. In Europe, the average amphetamine content of seized samples (in powder form) ranged from 1% (Poland) to 30% (Norway). Additives accounted for the rest. Caffeine and ephedrine are mainly used as active ingredients. These substances have psychoactive effects and resemble those of amphetamine.

Caffeine is an alkaloid, colorless or white bitter crystals. It has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. Exposure to caffeine makes the heart beat faster, the blood pressure rises, and for about 40 minutes the mood improves due to the release of dopamine. But after 3-6 hours the effects of caffeine wear off. Fatigue, lethargy, and decreased ability to work appear.
Ephedrine is an alkaloid, white needle-shaped crystals or white crystalline powder with a bitter taste. The psychostimulant effect of the drug is close to that of amphetamine. It causes enhancement of memory functions, a surge of intellectual activity, high psychophysical activity, elevated and cheerful mood. After the end of ephedrine action, the signs described above are replaced by withdrawal.
So, now it is clear why exactly these substances are used in the dilution of amphetamine. Caffeine and ephedrine have similar properties to amphetamine, only less pronounced and shorter lasting. This allows street dealers to increase their profits and greatly reduce the amount of valuable amphetamine for retail street sales.

In addition to psychoactive supplements, inert substances are used. Creatine, lactose, sucrose and glucose have no psychoactive effect, are safe and are normal diluents. Their main function is to increase the mass of street amphetamine. But as the weight increases, the dose of amphetamine in the mixture decreases. This means that the activity of exposure decreases.

Often there are impurities in the composition caused by insufficient purification of the active ingredient during production. Depending on the synthesis method used, phenylacetone, phenylnitropropene, N-formylamphetamine and others may be present. Such amphetamine without additional purification is dangerous to health. As a rule, it has a pungent chemical odor and a salty or sour taste. The color of such amphetamine varies from dirty beige to red or brown. If you are offered amphetamine of dubious quality with the listed features then refuse it.
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