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What I love about this is it is EXACTLY how I do it, accept the pipe and ashes. I just use a glass tube and wool like you finish wood with. When it said, " 10:1" I also said "10 TO 1?!?" But that's volume. SB is a lot heavier than cocaine. I weigh it 3:1. I guess it must be a Spain thing, it looked like I get more back than he did. People call this crack because it's made with Sb and not ammonia, but cooking it to oil and scraping it off the water like this yields an extremely pure product, I'm guessing 85%+. There are people on the corner in most cities, they start about the same, but after it fizzles and makes "the turtle" ( the white crust) they knock the air out of it and heat it up once more and that is what they sell. The bicarbonate hasn't dissolved completely and there's a lot of air in it. When you drop it on the table it sounds like ceramic. When drop what this man cooked, it doesn't make a sound. It's the consistency of paraffin wax. I can burn 100mg of street stuff in a hit but only 70mg of homemade. It'll make your ears ring and I've fallen down a time or 2. Base cocaine vaporizes at about 208°f, so if the water boils, you lost some product. It takes about 4-5 minutes to turn it to oil. The thing about "freebase cocaine" is that ammonia (sal ammoniac) is a stronger base and it neutralizes the Lewis acid at a temp lower than it's melting point. It precipitates as little sand like particles instead of a rock . Which is a good thing because you need to rinse the ammonia off of it. Any residual bicarbonate ( or carbonate if you like) isn't even noticable..
There is need lots and lots of leaves, sulfuric acid, gasoline cement and lots of baking soda. But it is a really unprofitable and old-fashioned psychtropic.
It may just be the translation, but cement has a lot of stuff in it that is not transducive for chemistry like aluminum, limestone sand ect. Portland sement (calcium oxide, ph11) or hydrated lime (CaOh, ph 12) is what you want.
This is very similar to how I do it and how 90+% of people I know does it. I've tried many ways with varying success, but this is the sure-fire way. If you are smoking it in a straight pipe with metal wool( chore boy ex.( Hold it upish and heat it JUST UNTIL it starts to melt. Wait do it again and again. Incorporate most of it into the wool. Your first hit will be slot better.
A tip for chemists especially. Today I couldn't reach my guy. Another guy I know had some for $60/g which is very cheap, so I knew it was not great stuff. My first attempt I put ice cold water on it ( probably 5ml/g) and decanted it off of the large pile of sludge. There was another adulterant that didn't dissolve that floated on top. I used a pipette to suck the water from under it I added backing soda in a 10% ratio by weight ( usually I use 30%) what I cooked would never firm oil, it was a soft paste that tasted of cocaine but was weeeeeeaaak
2. I dissolved the other 0.700/g in some water ( didn't measure a pipette worth) and ran it through my Buchner funnel ( it has a frit but unknown size) I tried to keep it in one spot ( my Buchner is 250ml capacity) I ran another pipette of water on the same spot, covered the top with my hand and vacuumed it down to -15( so 0 actual air pressure) I repeated that. I recovered probably 10ml of water. Sprinkled bs, unmeasured amount, probably 0.050", which correlates to 0.150g of cocaine and half the water. It cooked LIKE A DREAM. Moral to the story being, the Buchner filer with frit was quite affective at removing adulterants from my junk cocaine.

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