a oil

  1. peaks

    A-oil/ Amphetamine base oil..

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Dear people, I am a seller of amphetamine base oil. Here on bb. I would like to expand my clientele all over Europe. I am willing to give some free testers to different individuals in different countries. My question is how much test material does one need on average to test my oil? Is that...
  2. C

    safely disposing of lab waste

    Any one has any advice on how to safely dispose of lab waste without being a jerk and harming the environment? A oil production leaves a lot of by product that needs to be discarded and any suggestions to dispose of it in a safe responsible way would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. U

    What is best to make A oil (PMK/BMK oil or powder)?

    I am a beginner and I want to learn how to make A oil ! which one of these is best to start the process: BMK oil or BMK powder And PMK oil or PMK powder which of these 4 oil or powders is best to make A-oil ? ………….. secondly is it a difficult process to turn these into A oil ?????!
  4. KokosDreams

    Question regarding amphetamine synthesis via P2NP + NabH4/CuCL2

    Hey folks, going through my notes (read below) I am wondering about three main questions right now: My questions now are: What PH do I need to bring the reaction to before adding DCM? Is it necessary to extract the aqueous phase with IPA or can I just extract with DCM and distill after...
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