1. M

    Hexamine instead of Ammonia

    I read a interesting Synthesis on (i don't know if i am allowed to post the link), but you can find it. The Title is "Delepine Route to DMMDA-2 from Dillapiole" by Egotrip In this reaction, he used Hexamine instead of Ammonia to convert the Iodo-Dillapiole to the Amphetamine. My...
  2. P

    MDA synth

    MDA Hi! One could be looking for advices for synthesizing MDA from PMK. PMK- ethyl glyc. -> PMK Q1) Could/should one vacuum distill PMK to purify? Anyone knows PMK distill temp at vacuum pump level vacuum? Then reductive amination of PMK with anhydrous ammonia and hydrogen in presence of...
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