1. Mr Good Cat

    Bases of amine group purification via sodium bisulfite adduct

    I saw recently a discussion in some RC community saying about amph group and 4mmc purification via bisulfite adduct. Considering molar proportions, mentioned there, I don't think this route was developed by a professional. But I brought it here to discuss: may be it worth to pay attention on...
  2. M

    Hexamine instead of Ammonia

    I read a interesting Synthesis on (i don't know if i am allowed to post the link), but you can find it. The Title is "Delepine Route to DMMDA-2 from Dillapiole" by Egotrip In this reaction, he used Hexamine instead of Ammonia to convert the Iodo-Dillapiole to the Amphetamine. My...
  3. JohnWebb

    Amphetamine Reagent Kit

    Amphetamine Synthesis Report First of all I would like to thanks to @William Dampier & @Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton for synthesis kit, mentoring and help. Thank you very much experts ! 1. 12g of aluminium foil was cutted and then shredded into 0,8mm strips. The strips were a bit wrinkled so I...
  4. cubesquare

    Melatonin Solubility

    Hi there. I have procured a bit of supposedly pure melatonin and am looking at how best to administer it. The traditional ROA's are Oral or IV. Oral has a very very low bioavailability of 3% so I am looking for an alternative mechanism as my reason for wanting to use this is to counteract some...
  5. S

    Is it possible to convert nitromethane to nitroethane?

    Is it possible to convert nitromethane to nitroethane?Is it possible to convert nitromethane to nitroethane? If so, can someone write me a guide? Sorry if this is a silly question, I don't know much about chemistry..
  6. S

    N-BUTYLAMINE Synthesis

    Hi guys, I managed to write the synthesis of n-butylamine to ChatGPT somehow, but I don't have much knowledge about chemistry and I have a few questions: 1- Does it really work? 2- Is the size of the balloon important that I used for the reaction? here is the synthesis: C) Synthesis of...
  7. C

    What is the wholesale price per kg of amphetamine and methamphetamine in the European market?

    I would like to know the answer to that question, thank you all!
  8. S

    Do you think it was Mephedrone?

    Hello everyone, I’m living in iran About 2 years ago some dealer gave me some brown powder and I think I have some G of cocaine ( today in iran call it OD) , with smell of dior perfume and it’s feels like best experience I have ever had (also every one who snorted it fall in love with it) Just...
  9. U

    What is best to make A oil (PMK/BMK oil or powder)?

    I am a beginner and I want to learn how to make A oil ! which one of these is best to start the process: BMK oil or BMK powder And PMK oil or PMK powder which of these 4 oil or powders is best to make A-oil ? ………….. secondly is it a difficult process to turn these into A oil ?????!
  10. S

    Amphetamine via leuckart reaction?

    Hello I tried to do a search on the forum for the leuckart reaction for amphetamine but i could only find it for methamphetamine. Does anyone on here know that particular route towards amphetamine and could possibly post it on the forum? thanks
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