1. Berlin777

    APAAN vendor

    Post Delivery 
    Hi, I'm looking for reliable APAAN vendor that accepts escrow payments
  2. H

    Acetoacetanilide to APAAN?

    Hi guys Do the chemists among you think that the conversion of Acetoacetanilide [102-01-2] to APAAN [4468-48-8] is possible? I ask this because in a paper from 2018 there is mentioned that 102-01-2 was seized way back in 2013 in holland and that this can be readily converted to apaan. I will...
  3. MisterAnonymous

    3 APAAN to Phenylacetone conversion methods with pictures (Dutch Police Document Leak)

    Hi everyone, I wanna start with saying i am not a chemist like most of you i am just really good with computer chemicals i leave to my friends but i FOUND ;) (On Google ;) ) a report document that was intended to show goverment officials how clandestine labs where synthesising there own...
  4. KokosDreams

    EU Supplier for Mercury (II) Nitrate CAS 10045-94-0 for Amphetamine Freebase Synthesis

    Looking for a vendor 
    Dear Breaking Bad Community, I am Koko, I have been active on the DN since a few weeks. Since 4-5 months I am on the mission to understand the synthesis of Amphetamine Freebase. Mainly I am looking for 2 synthesis methods: 1. Manufacture Amphetamine Freebase from P2NP & Mercury (II) Nitrate...
  5. S

    what is the best and purest way to make an amp today ?

    apaan is history so forget it bmk powder is verry easy to get you hands on it . liquid bmk starting from zero I read a lot of messages that that bmk powder would not be such a pure product. maybe this is becouse the exact way off doing it perfect is not known . the bmk powder is 99%...
  6. F

    Safe suppliers for BMK oil

    Hello, can you post some safe suppliers for BMK oil and BMK powder for making amphetamine? Also, if someone can say me which CAS numbers is correct for making amphetamines? 28578-16-7 (bmk oil) 20320-59-6 (bmk glycidate) All that numbers is same if i making amphetamines? Which products you...
  7. WillD

    BMK (benzylmethylketone) synthesis from APAAN (a-phenylacetoacetonitrile). Large scale.

    APAAN is frequently used for BMK (P2P; cas 103-79-7) production by following reasons: • The APAAN (cas 4468-48-8) price of is relatively low in compare with P2P price; • APAAN conversion to BMK doesn't require specific chemistry knowledge; • APAAN conversion to BMK doesn't require complex or...
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