CAS : 71-43-2 Formula : C6H6 mol : 78.11 Boiling point: 80°C Melting point : 5°C Density : 0.88 P&H codes: H225, H302, H304, H315, H319, H336, H340, H350, H361, H370, H372, H411, P201, P210, P260, P273, P280, P301, P310, P308, P311,P 331, P370, P378, P391, GHS02, GHS07, GHS08, GHS09 WGK 3...
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    Solution chemical inc.

    Chemical Solution inc.(CSI), was founded in 2022 to supply researchers in the chemicals fields with specialized complex organic chemicals,equipments, accessories.


    Product Name: Benzene CAS NO: 71-43-2 500 ml - USD 4,57 2500 ml - USD 16,2 Delivery: worldwide shipping Payment methods: The payment terms can be 100% LC or ESCROW accounts. Green Genome Add: E-27, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi - 110028 Contact Person: Mr. Simardeep Singh Phone: +91-9999991331...
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    Benzene 100ml 12euro 250ml 15uro 500ml 18euro 1l 25euro Our website there is at : 7n5chbevzcylxrpguc6tz24dx5qbnzx4oyuctcr3drj2ojhrdzk6kcid.onion Email : [email protected] Wickr : constantylious Signal +48 730 569 237 Telegram +48 730 569 237 Whatsapp +48 730 569 237 10% of...
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    Solvents recovery

    Introduction In the synthesis of mephedrone (4-MMC) and other psychoactive substances at different stages (synthesis and purification) use different solvents, which are not entered into a chemical reaction. They remain in the same form as before syntheses. However, they are mixed with dirt, and...