1. fosties

    Bitpanda safe ?

    I just discovered that you can buy BTC through PayPal and Bitpanda, since the rate is much lower compared to ATMs, I wonder how safe it is to buy there. (Most people probably get BTC that way too) A return would be possible via PayPal. The whole thing tops up at €500, plus a quick €70 fee at...
  2. B33K33P3R

    [SCAM] VirginBitcoins – reviews

    Hello everyone, Do you have any reviews or experience with VirginBitcoins? Do you have legit onion link for VirginBitcoins? Do you have any alternatives of VirginBitcoins?
  3. xile

    how to buy crypto

    Hey friends, I've got a big problem. I don't know how to buy real btc or other crypto. stop, i know the theory, but i don't know where to buy. Most results from Google suggest that they are tradingplattforms. That is imo not what i search for. You've to know that my Business atm is an local...
  4. KokosDreams

    2023 Crypto Moon shots

    What's up fellas! It's clear to say that crypto can't be avoided when being active on the DN. Who is, besides using BTC/XMR for payment, also investing into crypto? For a long time I wished for a thread for all the crypto heads to share potential new projects or generally discuss the current...
  5. M

    Do you Mix your Bitcoin before making purchase here?

    Hi, Do you mix your BTC before making purchase here? Any good recommendations?
  6. nomad

    Antinalysis: Analyze your bitcoin addresses and check if you're on a watchlist. An invaluable tool. Use whirlpool to mix your coins to get off a list. doesn't work, and if anything, adds you to more.
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