1. whadafukbro

    Dear canadians

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Big up to HEISENBERG for creating the group, you're a boss I dont know if there is a lot of Canadians using this website but join our group, and lets grow the community ! I'm new here, the forum and market is very nice and user friendly. Join us ...
  2. whadafukbro

    About group creation

    I was looking for a canadian group i didnt found any so i tried to create one but a message pop and tell me that i didnt have the permission to create one or something like that can someone can create one please would be very appreciated. thanks a lot
  3. whadafukbro

    Xanax made with Flu-alprazolam

    We have: XAN2 2MG YELLOW BARS 2 MG GREEN BARS 2MG AND White and orange 8MG made with flu-alprazolam not trash WE ONLY SHIP TO CANADA
  4. I

    I need help w finding vendors

    Looking for a vendor 
    i need fenty , h , meth , or hydromorphone I've tried looking for markets on here but after speading shitloads on my first one because i am clearly a dumbass and being scammed by it i stuck to looking for plugs local. im back here trying again because this guy is costing me 25 bucks for a . of...
  5. D

    Is it true that it's easy to get quality LSD,MDMA,DMT,mushrooms in Canada?

    Hey,chemists of Canada,is your product 99,1% pure? I was looking for information about LSD in Czech and found a some posts on reddit where people from Canada were sharing their great experience of buying such drugs from clearnet stores and mentioning that it's illegal in Canada,but Canada...