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  1. malayboy

    Potency of ADB-BUTINACA

    I got ADB-BUTINACA from a vendor who said: but I thought the potency of ADB-BUTINACA will be active in mg range? I taste it directly in grams, no effect at all, am I got ripped off? or there are actually another CAS number of ADB-BUTINACA with strong potency?
  2. M


    Hi all ! I have some problem of supply for ADB-BUTINACA, so i'm trying to find out how to synthesis it by myself. Hope I will get some answer, if someone know a RC market please PM me, or if you have any information about synthesis like pdf tuto, or other information for a very strong noids in...
  3. rickyrick

    8cla and 6fa

    Has anyone tried this chems?are they good and strong and how do they compare to banned strong ones.
  4. I

    finding Equipment

    i plan to synthesis jwh 018 and im setting up new lab i need Equipments: Flask 1L-5L-10L Beakers 0,2-0,5-1L Silicone Baking Molds. Respirator mask Funnel for bulk materials
  5. rickyrick

    RCH21 cannabinoid from chinese supplier anyone has any info on it?

    They have given no IUPAC or CAS does anyone know if this is good?doubt it has Cb1 action because of ban.Its white unlike other new yellow inactive ones but its sketchy.anyone tried it?
  6. MuricanSpirit

    Simple Test to Check if Weed is Contaminated with Synthetic Noids

    There are test kit available which show you if a bud is a "cbd bud" or "drug weed". It does this by checking the balance between CBD and THC. You can use this test to tell if there are synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on the weed: If the test tells you that your bud is CBD but it makes you high...