cocaine purification

  1. MisterAnonymous

    Freebase cocaine with ether instead of ammonia!?

    Hello, I bought coca Leaves in Peru and i am going to synthesize cocaine but i wanted to freebase my cocaine with ether giving me a much purer product does anybody know how to perform it correct normally we use a 10% ammonia solution!? Please help me..
  2. B

    cocaine crystallization/purification

    Anyone know what is happening with this or what can be done? it was quite firm to begin with and white, it has been in a bag and now looks like the picture.
  3. cubesquare

    Generic wash cocaine to remove as much adulterant as possible

    Hi there clever people. I have cut back on my cocaine consumption massively and am going through a bout of exploring what the psychedelic world has to offer. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have ended up with a batch of cocaine froom three different sources totaling 20g. Not a lot...
  4. G.Patton

    Cocaine separation from phenyltetrahydroimidazothiazole mixtures

    Introduction. Phenyltetrahydroimidazothiazole (i.e., levamisole, dexamisole, ortetramisole) has been increasingly utilized as a cutting agent by South American illicit cocaine laboratories for the past eight years, and is now the most predominant adulterant in cocaine produced in Colombia. The...
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