1. E

    meth crystalization from ephedrine to ice cant be done

    Hello im trying to make hard nice shards by way of dissolving meth in ethanol and when its completly dissolved it should be heated up to 180°. But that wasnt sucesfull it allways stopped at 80° whete js the ethanol boiling point. Is possible to go beyond boiling point ? Anyway in the 80° i tryed...
  2. A

    Is it normal that in the crystallization/recrystallization there is no liquid compound left after the crystals form?

    I have heard that I have to filter the crystals and wash them. Thank you all!
  3. Mr Good Cat

    Hydrochloride crystallization issue - water trapped in crystals

    Normally I crystallize "stuff" in oversaturated water solution, and crystallization takes around 48 hours. I allways control exact weight of "stuff", solution and water. It means, when crystals are ready, final yeld, including the yeld from water leftovers fits with initial "stuff" weight minus...
  4. Methamphetamine Synthesis From P2P Via Al/Hg

    Methamphetamine Synthesis From P2P Via Al/Hg 1) Production of Aluminum Amalgam 2) Reductive Amination and Extraction 3) Methamphetamine Free Base Isolation and Hydrochloride Salt Crystallization
  5. Mora

    Best way to crystallize 4MMC large scale

    Goodevening, I have been looking around the forum for the best way to crystallize Mephedrone on a large scale but i have found a lot of different methods with a lot of different opinions from various people. I am looking for the best way to get nice crystals. I use 2b4mp with DCM as solvent...
  6. chefgorden

    Ph and sharding

    Pseudoephedrine powder distillation to oil Need help with pH and sharding what's process please help
  7. M

    A way to crystalise D9THC?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make D9THC crystalise? I'm not a chemist but I am capable of following decent chemist's instructions. I've read online that it will not crystalise because it has had it's acid group removed. Is their a way this can be done? Preferably without it...
  8. coke199

    How to extract MDMA mixed with other powder like protein supplement powder

    Hello guys, I want the person who answers me to be well aware of MDMA washing and basic chemical sciences. My question is, If I put fully powdered MDMA in protein supplement and mix the two powders (protein supplement powder + MDMA powder) Can I re-extract MDMA again from this mix by...
  9. lsdkingpin

    I have crushed crystal methamphetamine I would like to recrysalize into big rocks again

    Basically the title is the question. Do I need a special solvent etc. more info: the stuff i have has been crushed into like crumbs from bigger crystals that's just how I received it stealthily but I would now like to turn it back into rocks. I've read the crystallization of methamphetamine...
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