1. DMTrott

    Drugs, The Darknet & The Media [My Story]

    I spent much of 2023 working on the darknet. This is my story. You won’t be reading anything about it in the media anytime soon. Stay safe. :-) DRUGS, THE DARKNET & THE MEDIA [MY STORY] The darknet drug markets now provide more harm reduction information to users than both the government and...
  2. Kingkoopa900

    how to market your brand ??

    Hi I'm just starting out as a middleman in my country I wanna know which better ways can I market my brand properly in an oversaturated market.
  3. KokosDreams

    Der beste Darknet Marktplatz

    Ein Sammel-Thread für die besten, coolsten und angesagtesten Darknet Marktplätze! Gerne kannst du hier über deinen liebsten Marktplatz, das liebste Forum berichten. Bitte hierbei keine Links teilen, diese könnten im schlimmsten Fall zu Scam oder Betrug führen. Gerne kannst du in den...
  4. DMTrott

    Why Darknet Markets Constitute An Essential Public Service

    I posted the following on Reddit a few weeks ago. I think some of the points within it are extremely important, and I will arguing these widely over the coming months. I hope that it is of interest here: DARKNET MARKETS & PUBLIC HEALTH None of the following abrogates you from your...

    High Jungle

    Welcome to "HIGH JUNGLE", a YouTube channel delving into drug culture's impact on society. Through documentaries and analysis, explore the effects of drug abuse and trafficking on individuals and communities. Expert insights provide a unique perspective on crime, drugs, and their global...

    Who made the Darknet popular?

    We can talk about this topic for a long time, but the best advertising for the Darknet is done by the governments of the United States and other countries. Law enforcement struggles to deal with online crime, so every time government agencies manage to shut down a certain platform, they feel...
  7. S

    Dread Forum ( biggest info off markets & vendors @ DarkNet )

    Some Days Ago Hugbunter the Admin of Dread Release A Message to the scene [January 2nd, 2023] Happy new year! Don't worry, we're still here. The completion of our new infrastructure has been a bumpy process, but not long now until you can all return home. We will be back at full speed very...
  8. H

    do you know any reliable lsd vendors on darknet? europe

    Looking for a vendor 
    idk where to look. every site i find is a scam. can someone help me? im looking for lsd in europe.
  9. Lucifer

    Darktrain Express released

    Kerberos Marketplace done right. Hell yes. Darktrain Express - Your express to trusted and safe darknet adventures. Today, we released the Darktrain Express to support the whole darknet community. Our goal for all of our projects is to provide trusted an secured services, so every user can...
  10. S

    whats the point off using darknet url if you must enable java ?

    darknet and java those 2 are not working together IT IS NOT SAFE special for watching videos ! this is a serious security problem it is verry low you force us to use java . I dont have it and I NEVER use it
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