1. fidelis

    DCM ban in the states?

    i first heard about this on the vespiary, then i looked it up 2 make sure. most legal uses/excuses 4 DCM are now banned. sux :c https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/ban-on-most-uses-of-dichloromethane-finalised-in-us/4019449.article
  2. Winni Win

    DCM dichloromethane CAS 75-09-2

    DCM/DICHLOROMETHANE Price: usd15/L Payment methods: bitcoin, usdt, monero, ESCROW! Product Name Dichloromethane CAS NO 75-09-2 EINECS 200-838-9 Molecular Formula CH2Cl2 Molecular Weight 84.93
  3. firskycindy

    DCM CAS 75-09-2 Dichloromethane

    CAS 75-09-2 Dichloromethane Payment Terms: TT, Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin, USDT, XMR. etc), Western union, Money Gram, Escrow. Delivery: Door to door service, 100% Confidential Safe and Fast Delivery. Warehouse: Stock available for bulk from our warehouse at Moscow, Germany, Mexico, Canada...
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