1. JustFuckMyShitUpFam

    Does anyone else use diff apps/stuff to buy drugs online?

    Asking for a friend ofc! :) I have been out of it for a while.. used to buy small amounts of meth, coke, heroin, methadon, zenes and other synth opis on the markets but no kidding, what the hell happened? barely any proper market is still standing and its XMR only too which is kinda annoying...
  2. KokosDreams

    Der beste Darknet Marktplatz

    Ein Sammel-Thread für die besten, coolsten und angesagtesten Darknet Marktplätze! Gerne kannst du hier über deinen liebsten Marktplatz, das liebste Forum berichten. Bitte hierbei keine Links teilen, diese könnten im schlimmsten Fall zu Scam oder Betrug führen. Gerne kannst du in den...
  3. KokosDreams

    Offtopic: Couriermarket experience?

    Hey folks, basically the title - does anyone has experience with the DNM 'Courier Market'? Looking to buy some products that I can only find there. Looks kinda sus tbh but they claim to have an escrow on all products. Cincerly, Koko
  4. Brinksyy

    Stop by Flea Market !

    Flea Market Flea Market's Official Onion http://llpc53iiugcobsdwjposo4fgdybell3vsemoigep7mo3nxm2vs5yywqd.onion/ >>>For vendors looking to get their name up contact us. The first 10 vendors if not already established will receive a Free Vendors account<<< Payment Options BTC XMR coming...
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