1. Antihero999

    Is Dread ready for use?

  2. S

    Dread Forum ( biggest info off markets & vendors @ DarkNet )

    Some Days Ago Hugbunter the Admin of Dread Release A Message to the scene [January 2nd, 2023] Happy new year! Don't worry, we're still here. The completion of our new infrastructure has been a bumpy process, but not long now until you can all return home. We will be back at full speed very...
  3. P

    Dread Down?

    What happened to dread
  4. B

    What happened to Dread?

    Hi all, who knows what happened to Dread? It doesn't work...
  5. J

    Unable to log into dread - impossible captcha

    Hey guys, as the title states, I have been locked out of my Dread account for over 6 months, ever since they implemented the rotating captcha I have not been able to pass it or even understand it, as i've tried over 100 times since i've been locked out. It seems you have to rotate an imagine to...
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