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    2C-B,2FDCK Laboratory

    To real dealers. Free samples are provided for your testing. The ultimate idea of my scientific research team and I is to create a product that can forget the pain, forget the troubles, enjoy the spirit, not easily addicted, and have no major side effects Advantageous products: 2fdck, 2C-B...
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    We provide high-quality chemical raw material supply and product customization services, high-quality services are worthy of your trust
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    Flubromazolam CAS:612526-40-6

    Product Name:Flubromazolam CAS:612526-40-6 Assays: above 99% Packaging: 10g,100g,500g and 1kg or as customers'request. Appearance: white crystals Test Method: HPLC Purity:99% HPLC Min Order: Powder---10gram Payment:BTC,USDT,Worldremit Lead time:12-16 days. Safe transportation to most...
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