1. KokosDreams

    'Largest seizure in history': Mexican authorities recover $230M worth of fentanyl after drug bust

    This article contains hyperlinks to clearnet websites Mexican authorities announced it conducted a "historic" raid this month, seizing over half a ton of fentanyl in the state of Sinaloa on Thursday in the largest fentanyl drug bust in the country’s history. The Ministry of National Defense...
  2. JustFuckMyShitUpFam

    Do fentalogues still exist 2022?

    Hi. I hope this is the right forum, but I was wondering if fentalogues actually did still exist? Everyone on Reddit and Dread says no way, but I can't believe some chemist wouldn't actually cash in on it to be honest. And since I just missed that golden age I would die to try something like FuF...
  3. Doc

    "Popcorn" M-30's (pressed 30mg oxycodone clones)- Does anyone have a good formula?

    I have invested in quite a nice press, a good amount of the "API", and THOUGHT I had all of the required binders and fillers, but I can't seem to figure out what gives that signature "burnt popcorn" taste that all of my clients who smoke the pills are asking for. To me, it's frustrating because...
  4. Bill Cosby

    Proper PPE for fentanyl synthesis

    Looking for a full face respirator and am trying to find out what filter cartridges I should use for it. Small scale operation and on a budget. Any link would be appreciated!
  5. J

    Looking for a good powder mixer to avoid hotspots.

    I'm having trouble finding a good powder mixer to mix both alprazolam and binder for pressing xanax, and fentanyl and cutting agents for making dope. Can anyone point me in the right direction? "the blender route" does not really strike me as the best way to go.
  6. 8


    -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Hello, I am looking a supplier for real, uncut Fentanyl or Carfentanyl. No similar RC, No M30 pills or F-Patch! The reason for my search you can read here...
  7. M

    Fentanyl question

    I have liquid fentanyl (citrate 50mcg), wonder how can it laced on weed. I know that fent is soluble in water/metanol but i am not 100% sure that if i mix the citrate with water/metanol will get effect when i lace it. Do i need first the get the pure fentanyl HCL (powder) from the liquid...