hashish production manual

  1. G

    Synthetic hash smell & taste problem

    Hello my friends i have problem help me please 🙏🙂 I made some synthetic hash but i don't know any essentielle oil to make the taste & smell just like real staff ,any idea? I use turepntine but i don't like the smell ,do you know any other essentielle oil?
  2. G

    Produce Hash manually

    Hello 🙂 friend i need help 🙏 I'm trying to produce hash but i'm facing a problem What can I do to make it smell like real hash? I can't find hop extract or hop pellets in my country 🥺 Any idea? (The smell is important)
  3. G.Patton

    Hashish production manual

    Author is used to trim and bottom buds from Sweet Cheese Auto grow and some DP Auto Blueberry he had left in the freezer. I believe this to be the simplest way there is! 1. First off, I collect all trim (bottom buds, and any small stuff i don't feel like smoking myself) and let it dry...
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