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    jwh-018 chemical reagent

    Hello Friends can you please tell me what is the illegal reagent on this list? Indole Dichloromethane (DCM) Aluminum chloride 1-Naphthoyl chloride Distilled water Ipa (it's legal no prob with it) Sodium hydroxide TBAB (tetrabutylammonium bromide) 1-Bromopentane Need to know what's illegal cuz i...
  2. S

    How we know if a cas nr is still legal or not ? (BMK)

    hello , there are some BMK pouders for sale I think 4 different CAS numbers I was wonder how we know if these CAS nr are still legal or not ? also how do they do it at the border to check if a substance is legal or not . do they just belive the CAS nr that is given on the item ?
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