law enforcement

  1. C

    Countries where you can get strip searched and house raided without cause

    1. Bavaria, Germany body search includes you have to drop the pants, bend over and spread your cheeks. they look into your cavity. i saw it with my own eyes and friends (f/m) reported it. u could think that...
  2. A

    Bath salts (bk-MDMA, 4-MMC, MDPV...) give positive results in anti-drug tests for substances such as MDMA, amphetamine...?

    I have doubts as to whether bath salts (bk-MDMA, 4-MMC, MDPV...) give positive results in the reactive anti-drug tests used to detect MDMA, Amphetamine...) or not... Thank you all!!
  3. DMTrott

    The War On Drugs Is A War Of Terror

    The harm caused to drug consumers via the machinery of governments is often significantly greater than that caused by the drugs themselves. Families are ripped apart, people have their lives shattered by cruel incarceration, and entire sections of society live at risk and in fear. Thus, by...
  4. cubesquare

    H00k3d arrest affidavid

    So I am collecting these stories of failure as they give great insight into the overall process for LE to bust vendors. Interesting is how they play a very long strategic game, narrowing their activities until they net someone. In this one, transactions logged by LE captured DNM's were able to...
  5. nomad

    "Cop Cards" (Keep one in your wallet!)

    CopCards are a pair of simple, direct, credit card sized cards that serve to remind people of their legal rights interacting with police in the United States. Prompt Card The prompt card has everything you need to say to police — no more, no less. You should be able to simply read it verbatim...
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