lysergic acid

  1. Zarder

    Lysergic acid recrystallization

    What is the best solvent and method for LA recrystallization? I’ve read in Otto Snows book that water can be used. I know that LA is almost completely insoluble in water at RT. Other than that what solvent can be used? Also I feel like I’d struggle to hot filter it without it crashing out so...
  2. G.Patton

    (+)-Lysergic acid total synthesis

    Introduction Lysergic acid, the basic fragment derived from the ergot alkaloids, has been synthesized in a fourteen sequence beginning with 3-beta-carboxyethylindole. The starting material was converted to the intermediate 1-benzoyl-5-keto-1,2,2a-3,4,5-hexahydrobenz-[cd]-indole (3), containing...
  3. William Dampier

    LSD synthesis from lysergic acid via PyBOP

    Reagents: Lysergic acid (cas 82-58-6)2.80 g; Methylene chloride (DCM; CH2Cl2) 190 ml; N,N-Diethylmethylamine (cas cas 616-39-7) 1.81 g; PyBOP (cas 128625-52-5) 5.70 g; Diethylamine (cas 109-89-7) 0.84 g; Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) 100 ml 7.5 M; Sodium bicarbonate (cold saturated aq solution)...