1. Speedy_Gonzales

    City Market

    Hi, Im trying to get hold of some fake notes and fou d some on city market, never used this one but the guy hose selling these seems like a scammer in all honesty haha
  2. A

    Is Precursor-supplier a trusted seller ?

    Hello everyone is Precursor-supplier a trusted seller ?
  3. Heisenberg5994


    It's been 20 years since I last had ecstacy, would love to do it again. All my searches turned up empty. Plenty of meth and fatty, but yuck. Sick of it. I would love to find some real x or molly. Help me find anyone, I'm patient
  4. A


    MUST READ !! STOP USEING BOHEMIA !! Honestly, I'm a big buyer on Bohemia and Cannabia, I think they want to exit scam slowly and continue to rake in a little more money before they leave. I see a lot of messages from sellers and customers who deposit but cannot withdraw, I will be moving to...
  5. EmperorPalpatine

    Anyone know of DarkFox Market ?

    I came across the darkfox market but I'm not sure if it was an old market that is currently closed or if the link I clicked on is legit. Currently the site is asking for all new users after 23 of February a deposit of 50 USD in BTC in their wallet to gain access. The server times seem suspect...
  6. Chem-Safe


    MDMA, amphetamine and cocaine markets in Spain (2022) Main Conclusions In general terms, it is confirmed that the Spanish markets for MDMA, amphetamine and cocaine reflect the global dynamics observed in other European countries, such as, for example, the increase in MDMA doses in tablets, the...
  7. Diziet Sma

    Best market for Methadone Hydrochloride

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    I am looking for a reliable marketplace to buy Methadone Hydrochloride as pure as possible (99%+). Anyone come across a good source?
  8. Brinksyy

    Stop by Flea Market !

    Flea Market Flea Market's Official Onion http://llpc53iiugcobsdwjposo4fgdybell3vsemoigep7mo3nxm2vs5yywqd.onion/ >>>For vendors looking to get their name up contact us. The first 10 vendors if not already established will receive a Free Vendors account<<< Payment Options BTC XMR coming...
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