1. fidelis

    carbamate route to mda/mdma

    haiii i havent seen this posted here yet. i stole it from the vespiary, so heres the original thread :3 (i added numbers to make things easier, lmk if i need to fix anything) There are some very promising, unexplored synthesis routes from alpha-methyl-3,4-methylenedioxypheny-propionamide to...
  2. M

    Piperonal to Isasfrol

    Hello, swim have Piperonal but no nitromethane so is ist Possible to reduce piperonal to Isosafrol just simple like fe/hcl? And the other question how can i make formamid from Urea (like Adblue)? Thank you have a nice day
  3. P

    Theoretical investigation: Baylis-Hillman PEA synthesis via Oxazolidone/Oxazolone intermediates

    Introduction: A certain vendor online (that shall not be named) appears to be suggesting a "novel" route to phenethylamines. The reaction from aldehyde to amine occurs in 3 distinct steps: 1) A Baylis-Hillman reaction is first used to couple an aryl aldehyde with acrylamide using a tertiary...
  4. T


    in the synthesis of piperonal and nitroethane, Could I replace it with nitromethane?
  5. C

    DMSO method

    I was reading the 1st edition of "Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture" and I got to the chapter 16 which explains a rather simple method using dimethylsulfoxide, conc. sulfuric acid and NaBr/KBr to obtain bromosafrole in order to synthetize MDA/MDMA Has...
  6. C

    MDA synthesis reccomendation

    Greetings, fellow underground chemists I am looking for a reccomendation on how to make MDA from M.D.phenylacetone and ammonium formate Anybody knows a process to obtain a good yield without the use of chlorine gas? Should I follow one of the processes explained on the website? If yes, which...
  7. P

    MDA synth

    MDA Hi! One could be looking for advices for synthesizing MDA from PMK. PMK- ethyl glyc. -> PMK Q1) Could/should one vacuum distill PMK to purify? Anyone knows PMK distill temp at vacuum pump level vacuum? Then reductive amination of PMK with anhydrous ammonia and hydrogen in presence of...
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