mdp2p total synthesis

  1. D

    Piper Auritum. A new source of safrole

    Where I live there is no source to get safrole other than piper auritum, with the advantage that this is a plague and it is everywhere, what you guys think about the synthesis of mdma from piper auritum oil, I am purifying the oil as shown in strike Total Synthesis, purification with 28% glacial...
  2. chefgorden

    Pmk to mdp2p synth cook start to finish can someone help me please

    Hey there new to this need help and knowledge on how to make eye from pmk Pmk to mdp2p synth cook start to finish can someone help me please thanks team
  3. G.Patton

    MDP2P (PMK) total synthesis via Safrole

    Introduction These precursors, are controlled or regulated substances in many jurisdictions. The use of uncontrolled precursors therefore offers clandestine laboratory operators a strategy to reduce the risk associated with detection. Catechol (1) is a common chemical reagent that is synthesized...
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