1. sss576

    how can i make drugs in a home

    hi guyz i have a qustion how can i make drugs at home with materials that I can buy from the store or materials legal i can buy it from anywhere
  2. Douda

    Total Synthesis II by Strike

    Good day Cookers Can anyone help me with a complete working pdf of Total Synthesis II by Strike Total Synthesis I on this site,half of the pages is missing Total Synthesis II on this site does not open when extracting,file seems to be corrupt Thank you in Advance
  3. K

    Methamphetamine base

    Hello! What would be the most easy way to produce a methamphetamine base? I checked out the videos section, but didn't find any videos on the topic. Also is there a way to just buy a methamphetamine base in order to simplify the process of producing crystals?
  4. robertlouis

    Coleman Camp Fuel Active/main Chemical Explain

    We know that the first step to cookin crank is know all about the main chemical, from name, the active chemical or main, handling prochedure, and anything else. But when i saw "cookin crank with Uncle Fester video part 1. from our Administrator @HEISENBERG , By the way thanks Expert for free...
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