1. R

    Patented process from benzaldehyde to BMK glycidyl ester to P2P

    This article provides you with a patented synthesis process from benzaldehyde to BMK glycidyl ester to P2P. This process comes from a patent published in 2009. The original text used 4-methoxybenzaldehyde to synthesize 4-methoxyphenylacetone. I replaced it with benzaldehyde to synthesize...
  2. ThisIsMyName

    The Biggest Bestest 4MMC Crystals There Is!!!

    So, I want to ask, when it comes to the final stage where we crystalize our 4MMC what ingredients / ratios & method would you use to achieve gigantic crystals, and I mean CRAZY BIG. I would like to try and make real show stoppers, if possible! Please help with this, thank you.
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