1. A

    Does an electric drill with a mixing tip do the same job as an overhead stirrer?

    I wonder if an electric drill with a mixing tip does the same mixing function as an Overhead stirrer, I know that the electric drill is manual, automatic, and does not have a timer, unlike the Overhead stirrer that is autonomous, automatic and has a timer. but there is also a big difference...
  2. cubesquare

    Fentanyl infused weed. Is this a real thing?

    Today I came across a statement by a weed vendor in a DNM where they claimed that a very high %age of weed in the EU is now laced with fent. I have spent some time reading UNODC documents trying to see if this is mentioned anywhere and I found ZERO mention in the cannabis section. In the...
  3. nomad

    Antinalysis: Analyze your bitcoin addresses and check if you're on a watchlist.

    https://antinalysis.org/ An invaluable tool. Use whirlpool to mix your coins to get off a list. Elude.in doesn't work, and if anything, adds you to more.
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