1. A

    This time for Egypt

    Hello It’s delightful to converse and share insights about a substance that is uncommon in my nation (Egypt). LSD and mushrooms, How about we exchange thoughts on how to transport and distribute the material, and if anyone has experience with delivering it to Egypt, please share your method...
  2. uominicarti

    dried psilocybe cubensis

    I don't know if this question has already been asked, I searched and didn't find it, but i can extract spores from a dried/dehydrated mushroom? i have a psilocybe cubensis
  3. I

    how to send properly mushroom

    Hey everybody, I have a question ! i would like to know what's the best way to send mushroom to people ? is it detectable by dog with the smell ? or any scan ? how to limit the risk that they catch the box ? what's the best way to send my shroom ?
  4. Rutherford

    fly agaric mushroom

    Hello bbgate comunity, near my house there's a full country of fly agaric mushroom. (the classic red mushroom with white dots) and I've been studying about its compounds (muscimol, muscarine and ibotenic acid). I'm looking for some way to extract/get or separate those components and discard the...
  5. D

    How accessible are LSD and Mushrooms in Barcelona/Madrid and Prague?

    Can i easily get it like in Amsterdam,NL or Toronto,CA?As i know,people there just use clearnet websites to buy those drugs,because police don't care about it there. Or i will have to find some drug dealers on streets or order on darknet in Czech Republic/Spain?
  6. G.Patton

    Psilocybin and psilocin extraction from mushrooms

    Introduction A simple aqueous extraction method for the isolation and identification of psilocin from Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms is reported. This method employs a dephosphorylation of the phosphate ester to psilocin, which facilitates a greater product yield and simplifies identification...
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