1. Magicshroom

    [France] Etude du Marché de la drogue

    Lyon Marseille Paris News 
    1.1.A Liste des drogues illicites Voir la liste complète en Annexe 1 • Le cannabis est aujourd'hui la drogue illicite la plus consommée dans le pays. Dans le graphique suivant, nous pouvons voir l'évolution des niveaux de consommation de cannabis entre 1992 et 2021, chez les personnes âgées de...
  2. handle

    Tainted Cryptocurrency Recovery Bill 2023

    Warning ⚠️ Ignore this at your own risk! Alarm is growing over proposed Cook Islands legislation, drafted by a US-based company, which could validate hacking into any account or system in the world. An investigation has learned that Drumcliffe, a high-value debt collector specialising in...
  3. Magicshroom

    [France] Drugs Market Study

    Breaking Bad 
    1. A legislative framework of France 1.1.A List of illicit drugs See the full list in Annex 1 • Cannabis is today the most consumed illegal drug in the country. In the following graph, we can see the evolution of cannabis consumption levels between 1992 and 2021, amongst people aged from 18...
  4. Link Finder


    "Mephedrone": a detailed scientific resource and blog focusing on all aspects of the substance "4mmc". Explore its properties, effects, dosages, and more. The project is trying to prevent overdoses, provide extensive 4mmc-related information, and promote responsible use. Delve into the world of...
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