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    How can I extract Morphine from Poppy seed tea?

    Hello, I want do make drugs but I can't order from Somewhere. Because of that I believe it's the best idea to extract morphine from legal Poppy seed tea. Please tell me how to do it and if I should use poppy seed tea or only poppy seeds. I'm not an chemist so I would be happy if you could use...
  2. Brain

    μ-opioid receptor heterodimer agonists are a priority for RC

    The "Research chemicals" section already has opiates that are potentially easy to synthesize and have very interesting morphine-like effects with minimal side and unwanted effects. The minimization of side effects is due to many factors, which I will describe in more detail. μ-opioid receptors...
  3. H

    safest high yield conversion from codeine to morphine

    i've searched for this and pulled some stuff from erowid but the methods are either very low yield and use explosive gases or very nasty chemicals. can anyone tell me an answer to my question? thanks in advance.
  4. S

    Dare I even ask... Anyone have new info on NDH/N-Isobutyl-Hexedrone

    Ok I know when NDH first came around many of us were dooped receiving it when we ordered hexen. We could tell it was ndh before even testing the stuff, the appearance and the smell alone... after testing a line you instantly regretted even opening the bag as your nose is now glued shut and your...
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