1. prophet

    Alternate business ideas using escrow, crypto, and staying safe

    A question, or I guess this is more like a poll. I notice that a majority of markets only use XMR. What is your preference when using crypto? And If there were another way to conduct escrow deals without the use of crypto yet still remain anonymous would anyone have an idea of how to do this and...
  2. D

    what are the best lap-top for opsec?

    what are the best lap-top for opsec? Currently using Mac OS with windows boot-camp - T2 - with FileVault with long password only using sessions , wicker me , telegram (password lock on + only using private massage) during the conversation. For boot-camp windows I only used them for Tor when I...
  3. cubesquare

    CALIPLUMIKE arrest affidavit

    Another really interesting affidavit to read lays bare how LE got lucky investigating a suspicious parcel and its recipient who was on parole so no warrant needed to search his room, found more evidence AND THEN started backwards investigating to find more and more evidence. So, even if you...
  4. cubesquare

    H00k3d arrest affidavid

    So I am collecting these stories of failure as they give great insight into the overall process for LE to bust vendors. Interesting is how they play a very long strategic game, narrowing their activities until they net someone. In this one, transactions logged by LE captured DNM's were able to...
  5. KokosDreams

    Don't be this guy - wannabe Walter White busted before even starting

    Reading the book The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories would have definitely helped him. When setting up a lab, it is absolutely important to choose the location in a way, that it can not be traced back to you in a case of emergency. Also, letting unnecessary or...
  6. Vince Gilligan JR

    "OPSEC" Request for information or validation of my project

    I didn't find a game for opsec in general, so I took the liberty of putting my thread here. If I am not in the right section please let me know. I would like to know if there is a secure and anonymous way to sell on instagram. My plan is simple, I think that most of the people we reach on the...
  7. nomad

    Special Mail Covers, what they are, and why the USPIS had the information regarding them redacted.

    The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, the USPIS (United States Postal Inspection Service), and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). These agencies work together to bring down people like you. They have unlimited resources, unlimited time, and are ruthless in their pursuit. You will get...
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