1. S

    Synthesis of β-phenethylamine

    I know it's a legal substance, but it's quite literally impossible to find any source on the clearnet on how to synthesize this at home. How to synthesize β-phenethylamine/β-phenylethylamine/phenethylamine HCl at home? Thank you.
  2. ZRG

    Ask an expert to tell me the answer to the question

    1、Can Nabh4 be replaced by (CH3COO)3BHNa?(C6H10BNaO6) 2、In the route of p2np and Nabh4, can I add formaldehyde or methylamine to directly methylate the product? 3、After the amphetamine is split, the D-amphetamine oil needs to be dissolved in acetone and toluene with HCI bubbling Can we get big...
  3. K

    2C-E Synthesis Method?

    Hi! Is there any improved 2c-e synthesis method to produce it on large scale? Is it possible to do it with regents that can be found on china suppliers? Thanks!
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