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    Where to purchase pill presses even just for one at a time.

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    I have been looking for a pill press for a while but cant seem to find one, anyways just send me a link and yeah. I have been trying to create a store for pills and other drugs but mainly pills, you used to be able to get them on silk road but since that has been shut down for a while i cant...
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    Cheapest way of Making Ecstasy pills from MDMA without a pill press

    What you’ll need To press your own XTC pills, you will need a pill die(you can buy this kind of stuff from AliExpress), a coffee grinder, a hammer, a bench vise, some Microcrystalline Cellulose(MCC-Ph102), some food color in powder form, and of course, MDMA. Grinding the MDMA The first step...
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    Pill Presses and Stamps

    Hey, brand new to this website and hoping i could get some useful help. I am looking to start my own XTC pill organization but have no idea where to start. I need to acquire a decent pill press that can make batches of about 2-3k pills at a time, a stamp (no idea where i would get these from)...