1. P

    Looking for supplier of 1-M-TOLYL-PENTAN-1-ONE (CAS 20359-57-3)? 2KG

    Looking for a vendor 
    As the title says i am looking for a supplier of 1-M-TOLYL-PENTAN-1-ONE (CAS 20359-57-3) 2KG? in Europe preferably, international vendor can work if they have rep.
  2. R

    dimethylamine from dimethylformamide

    I prefer Shulgin's DMT synthesis using oxalyl chloride above all. It's really convenient apart from actually getting dimethylamine, as it is controlled. This video shows how it can easily be made simply, cheaply and in freebase form through hydrolysis of the amide in DMF with NaOH. You just need...
  3. Iris He

    4-Amino-3,5-dichloroacetophenone CAS 37148-48-4

    【Package and Delivery】We can do professional confidential packaging for this products,100% safe delivery to Australia,EU, Canada USA etc. 【Payment】bitcoin, usdt, monero, bank transfer, ESCROW! 【Price】based on 1kg, 130/kg Contact me: WhatsApp/Telegram:+8618627126189 Wickr: lulu027 Threema...
  4. Mr.Ben

    Chemsshop,great sites to buy KU crystal & Bromaz & all precursor online

    Research chemicals Vendor Online, KU Crystal & Bromaz & all precursor in USA,Ship worldwide
  5. Rutherford

    Hydrobromic Acid?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. I'm just a beginner hobbyist who wants to enter the world of chemistry. I would like to know if any of you know any way to synthesize the a-pvp precursor substances (for example: 48% hydrobromic acid, pyrrolidine and valerophenone). since in my country it's quite...
  6. D

    Need US based n-Butylamine source

    Looking for a vendor 
    It is currently taking me months to get n-Butylamine from my EU supplier and I need to be moving forward Asap with multiple projects. Any leads or help finding a US based source would be greatly appreciated. Will compensate for the convenience and quick turn around.
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