press pills

  1. coke199

    Question about tablet pressing (XTC ... more)

    Hello I have the manual Tablet press machine TDP-0T I want to make MDMA pills 120mg of MD and the rest is binder I have this binders: - Microcrystalline cellulose - Maltodextrin - Pregelatinized starch - Polyethylene glycol 6000 When I try to press MDMA powder only, I found that it's not...
  2. sassafras

    Trustable TDP Tablet Die Sellers

    Hello, I need some TDP dies for making tablets, but I'm having a tough time finding them. Many outdated websites, and forums keep telling to check out Alibaba and AliExpress, but it seems like every time I find a vendor, their products are already taken down. I'm really hoping this forum can...
  3. T

    Where to purchase pill presses even just for one at a time.

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    I have been looking for a pill press for a while but cant seem to find one, anyways just send me a link and yeah. I have been trying to create a store for pills and other drugs but mainly pills, you used to be able to get them on silk road but since that has been shut down for a while i cant...
  4. chefgorden

    Knowledge on active ingredient to pill binder ratio

    A friend of mine was wondering what the ratio for binder to md pills would be I've done some research on this but want to understand the proper measurements and ratios of binder Example 100mg mdma pill How much binder would need to be used *firmapress binder pre mixed* 1kg of md to how...
  5. T

    What's your favorite pill press?

    Hi all, I hope u are fine. It's my first post here and not the last. I have a simple question, and it's not really a question but more a opinion ask. I will explain, I use since 1years my own artisanal pill press for XTC, but I will grow up the quality so I need a real press, can u give me ur...
  6. Doc/Rackstackers

    "Popcorn" M-30's (pressed 30mg oxycodone clones)- Does anyone have a good formula?

    I have invested in quite a nice press, a good amount of the "API", and THOUGHT I had all of the required binders and fillers, but I can't seem to figure out what gives that signature "burnt popcorn" taste that all of my clients who smoke the pills are asking for. To me, it's frustrating because...
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