1. A

    Brown methylone crystals (trouble)

    I have crystallized the bk-MDMA crystals, then I have recrystallized it with dionized water (to make it purer) and it still has a brown color (I guess due to impurities) and the crystals smell like methylamine, my goal is for the crystals to be transparent in color .
  2. A

    Is it normal that in the crystallization/recrystallization there is no liquid compound left after the crystals form?

    I have heard that I have to filter the crystals and wash them. Thank you all!
  3. Wario

    Seller's deontology

    Hi everyone i hope everyone is safe, I made this post to tell everyone my thinking about selling hard drug, You sell a product and it's your responsability if someone die from a laced and/or bad quality product most synthesis post give you purification/recrystalisation and meltpoint insight...
  4. S

    what is the best and purest way to make an amp today ?

    apaan is history so forget it bmk powder is verry easy to get you hands on it . liquid bmk starting from zero I read a lot of messages that that bmk powder would not be such a pure product. maybe this is becouse the exact way off doing it perfect is not known . the bmk powder is 99%...
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