1. fidelis

    using AI to tell drug purity?

    hey, i saw a post earlier asking whether someones meth looks pure or not, and it gave me an idea. what if an AI was trained to detect bad drugs (meth or otherwise)? is this possible? using meth as an example, it could be trained to categorize medium, clear shards as good and too big or too...
  2. A

    problem with color after recrystallization of methylone HCI

    If my 2 different batches of methylone have this color after recrysatlization of the methylone HCl, how can I make the crystals transparent in color, I think they look like this because of the impurities, (the white powder photo is the hydrochloride of methylone) before recrystallization.
  3. A

    Does the color of the bath salts in their crystal form (bk-MDMA, 4-MMC,MDPV...) define its purity?

    For example, if it has a brown, orange color... (that is, dark colors) does it mean that it is impure and if the crystals are transparent, does it mean that they are pure or does the color not define the purity of a drug?
  4. A

    Could someone expert tell me if the test comes out positive for bk-MDMA (methylone)?

    I have just synthesized bk-MDMA (methylone) and I would like to know if any expert could tell me if the anti-drug test comes out positive for said drug? Thank you all!! ;)
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