red phosphorus

  1. JesusCrystal

    VŠEM VLASTENCŮM: Prosim Vás...pomozte ⚗️!!!

    Methamphetamine News Buy 
    BRÝ DEN ČECHÁČKŮM BRNAČKŮM FRNÁČKŮM MORAVAKŮM I OSTRAWAKUM v hloubi svojí duše Doufám že se zde najde nějaký vlastenec který by mi byl schopen zachránit prdel, utřít slzičku a jakýmkoliv způsobem jeli to v jeho silách mi mohl pomoci nebo nasměrovat než začnu oslovovat okolní státy.. Věc se...
  2. B

    Extraction of red phosphorus from manure

    If it were possible, it would make more sense than dealing with matchbox stupidity. I'm wondering if the second method here will work with fertilizer, so I squeeze Phosphorous fertilizer into a test tube and heat it upside down...
  3. B

    The amount of phosphorus and iodine in the Moscow method

    Hello, I know that I will use 1.5g of iodine per gram of ephedrine, and 0.75 grams of phosphorus, but can I change this amount to increase the quality or quantity of the product? How much should I use if possible
  4. Wendy Dreamer

    Phosphorus CAS 7723-14-0

    【Package and Delivery】 Discreet and sealed packaging, USA/Canada/Europe/Russia/Australia/New zealand/Dubai/Israel Local Warehouse! 【Payment】 bitcoin, usdt, monero, bank transfer, ESCROW! 【Price】 usd50/kg (for reference only) 【Product information】 Ingredients for bmk, cook together. CAS NO...
  5. Z

    New way to get RedP?

    8 Shot plastic disc cap - Contents of are caps are less than 0.20 grain per cap pyrotechnic composition consist of Potassium chlorate, red phosphorous, sand glue. --- Any way to Extract The Red P? And is it worth it? (Very cheap and accessible)
  6. G.Patton

    Red phosphorus from match boxes

    Introduction There are two methods of red P obtaining from match boxes. First method gives dirtier yield while second one allow to obtain much purer product. First method Introduction Ever wondered how safety matches work? Well, never fear, as you will be educated today. The secret to the...
  7. Red phosphorus from match boxes

    Red phosphorus from match boxes NileRed video
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