1. G

    Amphetamines via Al/Ga reductive amination Al/Hg alternative

    hey folks, to encourage a more ecological sustainable method for amine reduction than Al/Hg, i want to present you the aluminium-gallium-amalgan method. Basically you can just use al-ga amalgan instead the mercury one and that's it. Actually a ratio of 1:1 between reactant and amalgan, while a...
  2. victorplum

    Wolff-Kishner reduction, large scale, feasible or just suicide?

    As per title: I was trying to come up with a stereo-selective synthesis, but I'm stuck at one point where I have to remove a carbonyl. Turning it into an alcohol would vanish the selectivity goal. Now, wherever I look for information it's just people warning about preferring any other way is...
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