1. LessIsMore

    Methylphenidate CAS 298-59-9

    Product Name: Methylphenidate hydrochloride Synonyms: METHYLPHENIDATE HCL;METHYLPHENIDATE HYDROCHLORIDE;RITALIN HYDROCHLORIDE;2-piperidineaceticacid,alpha-phenyl-,methylester,hydrochloride;meridilhydrochloride;2-Piperidineaceticacid, a-phenyl-, Methyl ester,hydrochloride (1:1);Methylphenidate...
  2. Wendy Dreamer

    Methylphenidate (Ritalin) CAS 298-59-9

    【Package and Delivery】 Discreet and sealed packaging, USA/Canada/Europe/Russia/Australia/New zealand/Dubai Local Warehouse in stock! 【Payment】 bitcoin, usdt, monero, bank transfer, ESCROW! 【Price】 usd150/10g (for reference only) 【Product information】 Methylphenidate is a central stimulant that...
  3. B

    Looking for benzodiazepines (Netherlands)

    Looking for a vendor 
    I am looking for all kind of benzo's. I am a trader/webshop in the Netherlands and I want to buy in bulk. This also means that I am looking for a good purchase price. who can help me with that?
  4. G.Patton

    Methylphenidate (Ritalin) synthesis

    Introduction Methylphenidate (Ritalin; Concerta) synthesis method can be learned in this topic. It is the simplest way to produce this substance which isn't taking any elaborated glassware, equipment and special conditions such as high pressure, inert atmosphere or extremely low or high...
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