1. moneysculptor


    Hey everyone, I've been scammed on the ARES market, they are doing an EXIT scam, and I suggest you stay away from them. Their vendors are not responding at all, my order was placed a long time ago and still it hasn't been shipped, the staff team is not responding on tickets, I have provided...
  2. pvp

    @irisHe906 - whwingroup 20000$ cheat

    Defendant found to be a scammer 
    Hello dear people. My fault is to buy without escrow from "trusted" vendor. They dont know what they sell. My order was 16kg main material for 5cl. They sent me some bad analogue of this substance that practically does not work at all. All the previous work on other substances was absolutely...
  3. D

    Best Site to buy cannabis in the dark web?

    I want to buy some Cannabis in the dark web but I am not very experienced in purchasing goods online. What is the best site to order from without being scammed. Also how to they get delivered, should I deliver the weed to my personal address?! Please help me out and give me some tipps, as I...
  4. KokosDreams

    Darknet Vendors: Hall of Shame

    Jüngste Ereignisse um cake, aaronstevens und kenshicolombia lassen darauf schließen, dass eine Breaking Bad Hall of Shame mittlerweile keine schlechte Idee ist. Hier ist sie, die Wall of Shame für Vendoren (hauptsächlich DACH), von denen man sich eher vernhalten sollte. Wie funktioniert es...
  5. EmperorPalpatine

    Anyone know of DarkFox Market ?

    I came across the darkfox market but I'm not sure if it was an old market that is currently closed or if the link I clicked on is legit. Currently the site is asking for all new users after 23 of February a deposit of 50 USD in BTC in their wallet to gain access. The server times seem suspect...
  6. H

    do you know any reliable lsd vendors on darknet? europe

    Looking for a vendor 
    idk where to look. every site i find is a scam. can someone help me? im looking for lsd in europe.
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